Wanderers of the oceans

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To acknowledge ‘World Albatross Day’, which is coming up on the 19th of June 2020, one of the most magnificent birds to travel the vast oceans, the Wandering Albatross, is the subject of my latest bird study. Their streamlined wings, up to 3.5meters in length, help these enormous birds to glide effortlessly above the waves, a mesmerising sight that I have been fortunate to witness from the back of a rolling ship in the colder regions of the world. Have a look at this link for more information about World Albatross Day: https://www.acap.aq/en/world-albatross-day/introduction-to-world-albatross-day and https://www.acap.aq/en/latest-news/3698-day-one-of-world-albatross-week-2020-leigh-wolfaardt-creates-a-special-artwork-in-celebration

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