About Me

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my brothers and I gathered around the dining room table, jars of paint, crayons, pencils, and pastels scattered over its surface, while we enthusiastically scribbled and coloured our imagined worlds on large sheets of scrap paper.

I find my inspiration in the natural world, drawing on the variety and beauty of wild places for my subject matter. My partner, Anton, a conservation biologist, shares this passion for wild places. Through his work, we have explored, studied, and lived on remote and wonderful islands off the coast of South Africa, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

Out in the field, I collect stories, observations, memories and experiences, which I take back to the comfort of my studio to compile and recreate in a variety of media including pen and ink sketches, oil paintings, lino prints and clay. I enjoy variety, both in the materials that I use and the subject matter I choose to depict. The creative process can be an evolving struggle, but is always rewarding, whether it involves a commissioned project or a personal creative expression.

Having recently returned from five years in the Falkland Islands, a place of great natural beauty and warm-hearted people, and which continues to enchant and inspire me, we have now settled at Kundalila, a small farm at the foothills of the Tsitsikamma Mountains along the Garden Route of South Africa. My newly renovated studio, set in a tapestry of farmland, forest, fynbos and mountains, is the ideal space in which to continue my creative pursuits.

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